Assignment 1 hint for practical Advanced Network Security 20262

Advanced network security 20262 assignment hint

No internet

Practical tasks use virtual platforms.

Advanced Network Security

Setup virtnet

\Node 1  client

Node 2 Router

Node 3 Server

Node 2 àCapture the packet  use tcp dump

Use netcat application

Give fixed port number to the server number 3

Your port number for the server is  83452


Node 3–  nc -l 83452

Phase 1  complete

For phase 2

Node 2à Sudo tcpdump -I eth1 -w 12123452-tcp.pcap

Question number 4

DDOS atttack

Type password

Goto node 1

Run netcat

Node 1  ànc 8752


My id is 123456

My first name is Nas

Press ctrl c

Goto node 2

Ls -l      to check whether the file is captured or not

 Goto filezilla and open the file

Use loop back ip

Port: 2201

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