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1.0 Introduction 2

2.0 System development Approach 2

2.1 Preferred approach to System development 2

3.0 Requirements 3

3.1 Functional requirements 3

3.2 Non Functional Requirements 4

4.0 Project Cost-Benefit Analysis 5

5.0 Project Schedule 6

5.1 Work Breakdown Structure 6

6.0 System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques 8

7.0 Reflections and Conclusions 9

References 10

1.0 Introduction

The main aim of the report for Ryan Aviation is to develop a system that’s to develop a system from its existing system to a completely computerized system and analyze whether or not the project is going to be possible or not. initial of, we tend to should encounter the matter of what’s inflicting the present system to lag behind Associate in Nursing in step with these things we are going to opt for an acceptable system development methodology. The system demand like practical and non-functional demand should be known. to confirm the economic feasibleness, price profit analysis is meted out beside the work breakdown structure that helps to arrange and outline the entire work scope of the project. Thus, designing the project schedule.

We are activity this project to develop Associate in Nursing data system which is able to provide profit to the organization like scale back the hands price, method automation, improve the productivity, that develops the system on-line.

Thus, when fulfilling these goals Ryan aviation would be ready to replace the machine-controlled system over the present system.

2.0 System development approach

2.1 Developing the information system for Ryan Aviation.

In order to develop the effective data system for Ryan Aviation, there area unit numerous approaches like the body of water model, JAD (Joint Application Development), RAD (Rapid Application Development), agile and democratic style area unit accessible to make a brand new system. However specifically, Agile Methodology is my alternative.

In order to develop a data system for Ryan Aviation, we want to grasp and establish needs, investigate and confirm the scope and advocate the best difference. Ryan aviation essentially involves recording the flight personnel, flight location, flight base and flight hours, workers operating hours, flight appointments, and times. It conjointly has to manage workers’ leave requests, payroll, and timesheets, they conjointly ought to keep track of craft service records, range of spares used and people remaining at every location and order/replenish stock. The system ought to manufacture basic reports to provide knowledge in stand out for straightforward manipulation of information. In, this method involves completely different stakeholders like container, publisher, customer, staff, completely different organizations, and sales representatives. Sometimes, it will embrace numerous conferences per the wants. we can develop the system when finishing every part however if the necessities amendment we want to complete all the parts and come back back to identical parts thus discarding this model.

2.2 Justification of the chosen system development approach

To justify this approach, we’d like to grasp what the issues are two-faced at the present and what are the wants to make a correct system. Ryan Aviation has a downside with duplicating the method in alternative locations. Their advanced challenge includes increasing the workforce and increasing the number of locations, whereas at an equivalent time maintaining effective business methods and guaranteeing a high normal of ethics and security in data sharing. So, they have a system to satisfy all the stakeholders United Nations agency is concerned within the business similarly because of the customers for online bookings, billings, and payments.

According to Shelly and Rosenblatt (2012), Agile Methodology try and raise a structured step by step, by building a movement of models and regularly adjusting them to client necessities. because the methodology take, engineers overhaul, expand, and mix earlier variations into definite factor. bound things of Agile American antitheology have actuated me to decide on Agile Methodology and that I have chosen it from the declaration for Agile package Development supported twelve principles.

• Customer satisfaction by right time and nonstop conveyance of necessary programming.

• Welcome evolving requirements, even in late advancement.

• Convey operating programming abundant of the time (weeks rather than months)

• Close daily collaboration between specialists and engineers

• Undertakings ar worked around impressed folks, UN agency got to be sure

• Up shut and private discussion is that the best variety of correspondence (co-area)

• Working programming is that the essential proportion of progress

• Supportable improvement, able to carry on a gradual pace

• Persistent thoughtfulness relating to specialized niceness and great structure

• Straightforwardness—the craft of amplifying the life of labor not done—is basic

• Best models, stipulations, and structures get up out of self-sorting out teams

• Routinely, the cluster considers a way to prove to be more and more viable, and changes as desires be.

3.0 System Requirements

System necessities square measure vital to develop a system. There square measure 2 sorts of practical necessities required to develop Ryan Aviation. supported the case study, the system demand is classed as practical and non-functional necessities. practical necessities in the main deals with necessary things needed to make the system wherever as non-functional demand deals with security and quality problems (Kendell 2011).

3.1 Functional requirements

 Functional demand consistent with Valacich, George & Hoffer (2006) is the core procedure that the framework ought to do. This necessity provides info however the framework ought to perform and the way the framework should play out its functionalities.

Customer system

Collects and keeps up consumer subtleties, for instance, name, address, and call subtleties of recent even as the previous consumer of bookstall.

Allows the framework director to alter and refresh the framework info.


1. Inventory system

• A info of Ryan Aviation relating to whirlybird details and workers details.

• Availability and non-availability of the requested flight and staff by checking in info.

2. money system

• Maintain craft service dealing records, variety of spares at every location.

• Replenish Stock which has a stock of fire-resistive materials.

• Online authorization and payment by MasterCard, positive identification, etc.

• Generating receipts.

• Manage employee’s payroll.

• System should facilitate in asking.

3. management and Management system

• Controlling and managing the overall system of Ryan Aviation.

• Manage employee’s details online.

• Staff will be allotted online.

• System should keep records of flight, together with the origin, destination.

• Coordinate with alternative system and update flight operation, the purpose of flight.

• The system should additionally update the day and time of flights.

• The system ought to turn out basic reports or offer out knowledge in surpass dumps.

3.2 Non Functional Requirements

As explicit by Satzinger, Jackson & Burd (2010) non-functional needs are characteristics of the system apart from activities that the system should perform and do. Non-functional demands for the Great White Way bookshop are:

1. Dependability demand

• How a framework breakdown and will off base making ready and the way it identifies and recoups from those problems. additionally includes reliable point notification.

2. Performance demand

• Requirement associated with turnout and time interval of the system.

3. Computability

• Describes the program and its easy use.

4. Extensibility

• Support new updates fix errors and handle future upgrades.

• It should be able to generate the report accurately.

• Data should be secured properly and should be out there in real-time.

4.0 Project Cost-Benefit Analysis

The task cash saving advantage examination is one in every of the numerous advancement stage. financial possibility study deciding element for venture arrange. enterprise cash saving advantage investigation is finished by calculation one-time value and continual expense.

1. One-time cost: this can be the expense toward the beginning of the venture. it’s the expense at data formatting of the venture (Valacich, St. George and Hoffer, 2006).

2. continual cost: it’s the price that happens in the normal interim of your time as expressed by (Valacich, St. George, and Hoffer, 2006).

Once and continual expense will comprise of undertakings that area unit variable in nature (Valacich, George, Hoffer, 2006).

Feasibility analysis of Ryan Aviation is finished by creating a value profit analysis. Analysis technique used area unit NPV (Net gift Value), ROI (Return on Investment), and BEA (Break-Even Analysis). The surpass worksheet of value profit analysis shows all calculations and connected value throughout the project. It shows the full value and advantages concerned throughout project development. The initial development value is $ two hundred,000. the price and advantages area unit projected for 5 years. The discount rate is taken 11th of September. internet gift worth is additionally calculated.

 Figure: Project Schedule for Ryan Aviation

5.0 Work Break Down Structure:

The manner toward separating entire enterprise task into little items of connected sub-task is figure breakdown structure. it’s the summary of each single needed action and trip of the enterprise that square measure to be sent throughout the venture life cycle. The work breakdown structure of Ryan Aviation is depicted in a lower place.

                                                Figure: Work Break Down Structure

                                                      Figure: Gannt Chart

Ryan Aviation WBS and Gantt chart depicts the sequence of tasks for an amount of your time. a number of the tasks are mutualist and therefore the vital path affects the general allocation of the project. thirty days are allotted for project completion though the individual task is over that. several the tasks may be administered in parallel and a few have precursor supported completion on the dependent task. Some extra resources are also needed to finish the project.

6.0 System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques

According to Valacich, patron saint, and Hoffer (2006) Stakeholders are the gathering of people related to the undertakings with the characterized task.

Stakeholders concerned within the project are:

Internal Stakeholders:

1. Employees: they’re accountable to hold out the day-to-day operation to run the organization.

2. Manager: a decent manager is accountable to manage the staff in addition to the entire operation of the organization.

3. Owner: corporation goodwill depends on how well the owner handles the whole activities and maintains the connection with alternative firms.

4. IT staff: they assist to keep up and update the knowledge of the organization at totally different locations.

5. Board Of Directors: they assist to conduct a well-organized meeting for the welfare of the organization and therefore the staff.

External Stakeholders:

1. Customers: Directly enhance the expansion of the business.

2. Suppliers: smart offer of a kit is critical to flourish a business.

3. tax office: it’s necessary to pay the tax and run the business per the govt rules.

Investigation Technique:


It is one of the numerous criteria for gathering information. It incorporates having meetings with partners, proprietors, representatives so forth and noticing their views regarding the framework requirement and structure.

Value: it’s eye-to-eye correspondence thus if any disarrays are created it fine is also explained forthwith.


In this procedure, a little of the quality inquiries are set and people inquiries are used to accumulate knowledge regarding the framework necessary for the bookstall. This acquires the reaction from the respondents and assembles knowledge within a restricted time.

Handiness: it’d be paper-primarily based or hardware-based inquiries that diminish price and are straightforward to analyze.


It incorporates looking at this manual arrangement of the bookstall. It acknowledges the troubles of this framework and therefore the real desires of the framework.

Value: makes real operating scenario and straightforward examination.

These 3 procedures are typically valuable as they unfold all the framework necessity techniques. Meeting, questionaries, and perception are finished with partners and purchasers. Their read is noted and necessity examination is finished.

7.0 Reflections and Conclusions

Prerequisites of the Ryan Aviation are researched and discovered. usefulness investigation of the enterprise is completed and also the cheap methods for necessity examination ar sent.

One specific piece of information is needed to screen the normal framework. Manual frameworks are going to be modified over to computerized frameworks decreasing bodywork and time and what is more duplication of data. I actually have chosen a model for framework advancement. The new framework can conceal the framework conditions of the bookstore. Gantt diagram is ready up aboard work breakdown structure and believability thought of is completed. Conveyance and cutoff time of the book are going to all around oversee. Any method the new framework bears some obliges, for instance, getting ready the staffs, best net get to, auspicious support of the framework and convenient update the framework.

However, the downside might arise, and Agile methodology is employed to resolve the matter of the existing system. For the system to examine whether or not it’s possible or not, value profit analysis is completed within the system supported by the budget of Ryan Aviation Service. Gantt Chart and Project Schedule are determined through represented types within the system. Thus, we will do the system.


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