Pre-preliminary Network Design For Network and Information Security Project- 20265 Term2 2021

This section will be explained based on the cloud solution for migrated applications along with the on-prem solution.

Figure1: Preliminary Network Design

The above pictorial representation shows the architecture of the cloud-side application migrations. There will be a load balancer that will receive the connection requests from the on-prem or BYOD devices via the internet to access the applications hosted in the cloud such as Moodle LMS. The load balancer can also act as a web application firewall to stop certain IP ranges while directing the traffic accordingly to the application instance. Maria DB will be used as the database server to store sensitive data such as credentials and will work with an Active Directory if required. Instance will be created under a scaling policy such as increment server by one if usage of server is over 80% and decrement if usage is less than 80 percent. 

The instance will be used to host the applications that are migrated. Redis cache will make sure that the ram of the instances is shared and people on different instances cannot differentiate from the server they are connected to. Blob storage will be useful to store all high storage artifacts such as images, videos, etc. the entire setup will be hosted on VNET in the Sydney region of Azure services.

Some assumptions before describing the on-prem of SaveTheChildren organization are as follows:

  • Here is one HQ
  • There will be one central office
  • There will be 2 other offices
  • They use systems and phones in their office
  • They have switches and media servers, and other local server in their on-prem offices
Figure2: Office COnstruction

IP Addressing for the corporate office will be private Ip addresses assigned by their local intranet Admins. range of class B addressing with 4 hosts for office locations with a maximum of 16382 users per host. This will be sufficient enough for the entirety of the operations based on our assumptions.

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